This group is for friendly, positive women who are looking to meet others and make lasting friendships. Our goal is to build close friendships among diverse, powerful and unique women.  We shall reach out to all age group and all interest groups, where we shall prompt unity within our community.  The way mothers spend their time has changed dramatically in the past century.   The time that mothers can spend with their children is influential to how they evaluate themselves as parents. However, most parents rarely find time for themselves. 

The only way you can sustain the energy needed to do well in parenting and to be successful person; is to create “me time”. “Me time”, promotes tranquility and is where you can get in touch with who you are as an individual. So many of us may know what that feels like, some more than others.  In D.D.S these task can be accomplished by utilizing networking skills, supporting our community and enriching our lives through the growth of sisterhood.

​Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to offer empowerment, unit and  love and positivity through the act of sisterhood.

We shall accomplish this mission through Social Networking, Educational programs, fundraising, Community Service and other activities involvement with the sisterhood.  Our activities will teach diversity, education, spirituality, social action and leadership development. 

We shall come together without fear of judgment, ridicule, or negative influences.  It’s for women to become informed and share life experiences in our tight circle of sisterhood



Slumber Parties (1-2 Yearly)


Forums (Ladies, Educational, Empowerment, Business etc.)

Ladies Night out: We meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm at a restaurant or bar. Enjoy some laughs together. Nice to get out and hand with the ladies!


Book of the month


House Parties:  Make-up, hair, birthday etc.

Health Tips: Get fit/stay healthy: Exercise Challenges, Stone Mountain climbs etc.

Art & Craft

Host Events

Ladies of the Afternoon     Once a month, at 6 pm on the 3rd Thursday, we gather at a member’s house for snacks, beverages and chat.   You bring your beverage, the hostess provides snacks.


Open Arms/Community Service   As a group, we get involved doing charitable work in our community.  We shall hold about 1-3 events monthly.  Members are expected to participate in Community Service events which occur periodically throughout the year.  100% of the funds raised for each and every charity are used toward the Dynamic Image Inc. charities or any other charities of their chosen. While we’re have so much fun as “sisters”, we will be donating the funds toward great causes, doing good deeds and supporting programs that Dynamic Image Inc. has to offer.


Special Activities pop up from time to time.  Field trips, sporting events, any great, fun activity!  If you have an idea for an activity, let someone on the Board know and we will try to make it happen!

Nonprofit Organization