Joining our organization allows people to join together and combine resources to achieve common goals. Our goals are to work on social problems or respond to needs in their communities. Form and set a foundation of family values that others can relate to. We’re searching for creativity people with creativity minds and share the same love and devotion to giving as we do.  

With so many worthy causes seeking funding, we understand it’s difficult to decide where to invest. Thank you for choosing Dynamic Image Inc.! We make it easy to meet your community goals by partnering with us through sponsorship opportunities.

Our sponsorship program allows you to invest directly with the Dynamic Image Programs that best align with your corporate mission and community support objectives. Program Sponsorships are available for Dynamic Image specific programs, at varying levels. Our Youth Programs such as the SPARKLES girl club, SPARKLES Academic Dance group and The Atlanta Carnival Art & Cultural Carnival Activities. 

There are many ways to get involved .  Ways of Volunteering, Donating etc. The Impact and Benefits of Serving  Dynamic Image programs benefit the community, the organization, and the volunteers. Think of what you can do when you give your time to help your community:

Help your community: Know that you are giving your time, talent, wisdom, and experience to your
community and neighbors who need you.

Help yourself: Through service, you can add to the quality and health of your life. Research indicates that volunteers enjoy better health, make new friendships, stay active and involved in the community, and learn new skills.

Nonprofit Organization 

Volunteers of all ages help Dynamic Image Inc. provide the best possible services for families in need and towards our programs. Becoming a volunteer is also personally and professionally rewarding. Not only will you create a lasting impact in the lives of others, but you will acquire valuable work experience and network with many people in your community.  We will help you find the best program or activity to match your skills, talents, wishes and time availability. Individual, group and youth volunteers are welcome.


* INDIVIDUAL Volunteer Opportunities: 

* YOUTH Volunteer Opportunities: Students, Boy and Girl Scout Troops, School Groups and Youth Groups

* COURT ORDERED Volunteer Opportunities