Nonprofit Organization 

Teacher Outreach Preparedness program – Program created 2010 

In this program Dynamic Image chooses a teacher within the Georgia public school district, helping to prepare him/her for the first day of school by donating much needed school supplies.

Arts & Cultural Programs- Program created 2010

Carnival arts offers all of us a dynamic tool for self- expression and exploration, a tool to seek out our roots, a tool to develop new forms of looking at the world and its cultures, and finally, a tool to unite the world, to discover what we all have in common, and to celebrate what makes us different.  The power and creativity that underlines these art forms can transform lives. This event enables us to recruit and teach the participants about our Caribbean culture. A prelude to this event, is learning how to make beautiful Carnival Costumes. This opportunity is open to any participants, including children.

Back to School Drive –Program created 2011

By public donations school supplies are collected and donated to less fortunate low income families with school age children. By doing so, Dynamic Image helps to inspire and change the lives of students, encouraging them to dream big.

S.P.A.R.K.L.E.S. Girls Mentorship Program –created 2013

Dynamic Image believes there are so many girls of low self-esteem and lacking guidance that this is a well needed program in the community and over the globe. Thus, the reason for their beginning and continued partnership of this program.

Holiday Christmas Program-Program created 2012

This program helps enrich lives of families in need and bring a little happiness to them during the Christmas season.  This event allows us to invite children and their parents from various shelters and we have entertainers singing for them, face painting, games etc.  We also have a toy drive starting from November and we give each child a gift for the holiday season. 

Health Awareness Program- Program created 2014

Throughout the year we generate awareness around specific conditions and diseases that people struggle with daily.  We help raise awareness of important health topics by helping raise funds for that particular organization.


Dynamic Image Inc. offers programs throughout the year. These programs are made possible through the generosity of Dynamic Image founders, making them available to the community.  All programs have been developed by both youth and staff, making them engaging and meaningful for all who participate. Our major programs addresses teen pregnancy, Bullying, self-esteem, homelessness, Health Awareness, Education and sports participation.  All programs are available under the United way 211 service.

The Angel Tree Program –joined 2010 

This ministry based program reaches out to the children and families of prisoners, sharing the love of Christ by helping to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. During the Christmas holiday, churches participate in the Angel Tree Christmas event, which connects parents in prison with their children through Christmas gifts. The church congregations purchase, wrap and deliver the gifts to the children on behalf of the incarcerated parent as a message of love; and also demonstrating the true meaning of Christmas – the good news of Jesus Christ birth, God’s gift to the multitude.

World Christian Aid –partnered in 2011

Partnership with this nonprofit organization enabled Dynamic Image to assist with aid to children and families in the US, Africa and around the globe to improve their quality of life through the word of God, assistance in educational programs and family enrichment. 

Free Easter Egg hunt - partnered in 2013

We would like insert ministry to the children.  Having entertainment or entertainers minister to the children with games or trivia to the real meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it. Not just for the Egg hunt but what it stands for is so much more.   

Christmas with a Family Promise – partnered 2014

Sponsoring a homeless family during the holidays is the driven purpose of this program. Dynamic Image partners to ensure homeless families enjoy the holidays by providing a meal, personals, gifts and a friendly conversation with God’s inspiration.

Continental Foundation – partnered 2013

This organization is located in the US Virgin Islands and Dynamic Image partners with them in their assistance program of providing school supplies to needy children in the local schools. Dynamic Image believes schools supplies are a necessity for adequate learning all across the world.

Shoe-box Recycling-Partnered 2015

Shoe recycling helps to provide millions of people with usable shoes they may not otherwise be able to afford. After placing your sole Mate note in a shoe, we have the ability to track exactly where in the world your shoes are headed and the person that will ultimately wear them.

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