Tiffany Harrigan

Child Advocate of SPARKLES

Mrs. Askew- Born in the US Virgin Islands and raised in Miami, FL/US Virgin Islands.  I Moved to Savannah, GA in 2013 due to being in the Army and having to move around.  I am currently an Army Reserve Warrant Officer with 18 years of service.  As a mother of 2 sons and growing up in an environment where we were not well off, this gave me the appreciation of what I had and allowed me to teach my kids the same recognition as well. Being a part of Dynamic Image for the past eight (8) years was vital to me because this organization is comprised of individuals that have all experienced the same walk of life and have the desire to give back to our community.  Helping families and reaching out to the younger population has always been my passion.  In my spare time, I enjoy traveling with the family, reading, dancing and mentoring the younger generation.  

Spectacular * Amazing * Radiant* Kind * Loving * Extrodinary*  Strong 

Our intent is to enable young girls to pursue education and teach them how to embrace their individual unique beauty.  To build confidence and a strong sense of self-worth, through God’s love & guidance of their sisters. We want to better serve our girls by preparing them how to live in a diverse society.  We have unique blueprints to accomplish our goals.  We will utilize specific planned programs and our organization will model that equality. Dynamic Image

believes there are so many girls of low self-esteem and lacking guidance that this

is a well needed program in the community and over the globe. Thus, the reason

for their beginning and continued partnership of this program. This program will be

open for young girls of the ages from 2 to 17. We will meet every weekend and

teach participants different skills.  Sessions will be approximately 4-6 weeks.

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SPARKLES: offer a great opportunity to form bonds of friendship; learn about world issues, take action, life, and build leadership skills.  Also, we will discuss important issues facing our generation. Our vision is to educate and guide young girls who would love to learn new things that will help them grown into successful women.  We will initiate and promote services that will enhance their quality of life.  Together our goals at every meeting are to grow bigger hearts and boost academic moral.  Together we will learn to have love for everyone and the sisterhood with God’s help.

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An All girls club willl help focus on todays Statistics

  • 1 in 4 girls will not finish high school.
  • 78% of girls under 17 are unhappy with their bodies.
  • 3 in 10 girls will -become pregnant before the age of 20.
  • 1 in 5 girls will be a victim of childhood sexual abuse.
  • 35.0% of children living in Georgia ages 10-17 are overweight or obese

Denise M. Walcott
Child Advocate of SPARKLES

Ms. Harrigan-Born in Salisbury, Maryland and raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. I moved to Atlanta in 2002 to fulfill my educational endeavors. One of my most significant accomplishments thus far is, being a mother of five beautiful children who motivate and continuously push me to strive for nothing but the excellence. Helping people has always been one of my passions. Currently, I work as a clinical research coordinator at Emory University and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta adult and pediatric cystic fibrosis unit.  My work in research pushes me to want to do more.  The opportunity that I’ve had to work with The Dynamic Image organization has taught me the exact definition of philanthropy. I was once told “it’s not what you have, but it’s what you do with it” and this quote has always remained with me. When it’s all said and done, I want my legacy to leave an imprint for the betterment of human-kind.

Shenicia Askew

Board of Director

Mrs. Walcott - Born in the United States Virgin Islands.  A Pre School/ Elementary school teacher from 1999- current.  I have my associates from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Associate of Arts in Fashion Design, and University of the Virgin Islands Associate of Science in Secondary Education and in Child Development Associates (CDA) Infant Toddler.  Mother of 2 beautiful now adult kids and five grandchildren.  I enjoy singing, dancing, sewing, art & crafts and spending time with my grandchildren.  Working with Dynamic Image for the past five (5) years have taught togetherness, family love, and values.  

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