COURT ORDERED Volunteers Process:  

The following items must be supplied by the court-appointed community service applicant BEFORE he/she can begin their community service hours: (If any of this information is missing, please submit them to

  •      Valid photo ID

  •     Court issued judgment/order that clearly states the court address, probation officer name and contact information, number of hours required, the date by which hours must be completed, and written court disclosure of offense

  •      A completed and signed Dynamic Image Volunteer Application - Please                  to complete the application 

Volunteer Selection Process

The Dynamic 
Inc., does not discriminate in accepting volunteers based on race, nationality, alien status, gender, age, ability, or religion. Applicants will be selected based on their qualifications in relation to the organization's operational needs and on their ability to commit to a consistent schedule of volunteer hours.


Tell us your story!! 

Share your story with the world when you volunteer with Dynamic Image. Just                  to share

Please              for the volunteer application. For court-ordered community service order, please see below. 

INDIVIDUAL Volunteer Opportunities: 

Whether once a year or an hour a week, we welcome your time and energy to help us build hope and change lives.

YOUTH Volunteer Opportunities: Students, Boy and Girl Scout Troops, School Groups and Youth Groups:
We welcome youth who care about where they live and are willing to make a commitment to improving their community. There are many ways youth can help on an individual basis or with a group. 

COURT ORDERED Volunteer Opportunities: 

Both adult and youth-court ordered volunteers are also welcome. Activities for court-ordered volunteers are limited- Please click here for the application. 




Court Ordered


​Youth Groups

College Students

Volunteers of all ages help Dynamic Image Inc. provide the best possible services for families in need and towards our programs. Becoming a volunteer is also personally and professionally rewarding. Not only will you create a lasting impact in the lives of others, but you will acquire valuable work experience and network with many people in your community.  We will help you find the best program or activity to match your skills, talents, wishes and time availability. Individual, group and youth volunteers are welcome.

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