Nonprofit Organization 

As a child growing up in a single family home with only my mother providing for us, give a sense of humility.  I was blessed with so many adult influences in my life growing up to help me be a better person. To this day I thank all the influences in my life, my mother, Ms. Todman, Rana Pratt, Derek Heyliger, Fransico Jarvis, Cecil Benjamin, and Ms. Adlyn Williams.  They say it takes a village to raise a child and my village did that.  So it make it much easier for me to share the same blessings with others.  Give children or adults the same loving care and respect I received as a child.  Watching my mentors pave the way for me to be great, is the same way I want to do for others that are not able .

Organization History

Our Board Members

  • ​Date Organization Incorporated: 2013
  • Date Organization became a Nonprofit Organization:  June 2013.
  • Voted 2014, 2015, & 2017 Best Nonprofit Organization by

Provide Health Awareness

Help low income families 

Build self-esteem & confidencE

Shenicia Askew
Her background in philanthropy and working with nonprofits, helps us develop more programs.

Youth Development

give a helping


Our founder


Purpose & vision:

Karime Guishard Sr. 
Vice President: Musician and expert in home repair .

Tiffany Harrigan
Our Community Service Coordinator, that helps tutor kids

​​Provide Cultural Awareness